Jimmy ChooCRUISE13 COLLECTIONS shoes designed to set foot on the red carpet design, the design concept is simple and can no longer be simple and clean. As a supporter of the Jimmy Choo brand, the actresses such as Julianne Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts and others act as Jimmy Choo's products with almost every mention of "elegant design," "wearing Comfortable "like this praise.

Woolen wool yarn is also called the carded yarn or combed cotton yarn, it refers to the spun yarn which according to the general spinning system without combing process. Woolen Yarn is bulk and full, the fabrics is fat and rough bold, has rich stereo feeling and rich materials with many excellent characteristics. The woolen yarn has lots of short fiber content, the fiber parallel straight degree is bad, the structure is loose and hairy, and the yarn count is low. This yarn often used for general fabric and knitwear, such as Woolen Fabric, cotton fabric, etc.

Woolen Wool Knitted and Woven Yarn

Woolen Wool Knitted And Woven Yarn,Woolen Wool Knitted,Jacquard Wool Knitting Fabric,Boiled Wool

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