Heritage of ancient civilizations in Europe and the world of pop elements, combined with innovative business practices, European Li Lai (Oulires) to create a comprehensive service experience ﹑ experiential consumer health urban fashion underwear brand , and to create the world's first chain to a healthy lifestyle underwear Brand as the goal!


Oulires (Oulires) is a European-style brand from France, is the French romantic classical culture and modern fashion concept of the perfect combination of products. Oulires attracts consumers who yearn for elegance, quality of life, and keen fashion sense. Its brand in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and other global registration and sales.


Has many experienced, different styles of designers, products full of romantic elegance and high taste of aesthetic taste, product style unique in the industry. In addition, for the special needs of underwear products, using natural environment-friendly fiber, modal, cotton, cotton Lycra and other fabrics, 尽显 beautiful and comfortable.

The JMY Women's Rope Bracelet collection is made of high quality rope and charms,we have many kinds of ropes and charms, The rope include pure color rope, multi-color rope. The charms include anchor charm, hook charm and clasp charms series etc. These are high quality materials and we produce it with the professional skill, It is really wonderful design.We accept customization, which means we can combine any ropes with any charms according to your demands. JMY collection represents serve you the best products you want.

Women'S Rope Bracelet

Women'S Rope Bracelet,Custom Logo Rope Bracelet,Red Rope Bracelet,Full Colored Rope Bracelet

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