MENTVEES men's Beijing Guangyao opened the store, but also a good news, the so-called really good news again and again, May 20 to May 31, Shandong Yantai, Jining customers have come to Beijing Fengtai headquarters base MENTVEES brand headquarters for site visits. After a detailed examination, the two customers and the company formally signed a "joint venture", MENTVEES men's upcoming Yantai Parkson, Jining Wanda. MENTVEES men to 18 to 35-year-old urban white-collar workers. They have knowledge, ambition, unwilling mediocrity, full of dreams of life and future. To this end they are high-spirited, toward the dream departure. While achieving achievements and gains, they also unconsciously lose many of the most precious things in life, such as freedom, affection, friendship and even overdrawing their own health. They often feel physically and mentally exhausted on their hard work, but do not know when they can stop running. They long for a beautiful business trip that often accompanies them, relieves their inner pressure and has a relaxed, Pleasant clothing is the best choice to satisfy their inner needs. MENTVEES men's fashion casual lifestyle, the main British style. The pursuit of fashion design and the British fashion in the classic fashion elements (such as plaid color) combined with simple style, fashion, and pay attention to the quality of the product itself, workmanship, adhere to the simple, natural, environmentally friendly fabrics, and strive to fashion, life and Classic three natural, truly reflect the wearer simple, easy-going life attitude.

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Guangzhou Xinke Silicone Products Co., Ltd. is a leading Invisible Bra manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter in China.

Our main products are silicone bras, invisible bras, cover ups as well as many other lingerie accessories.

With more than 8-year experiences in making a variety of Silicon Bras, Xinke Silicon Bra Mfg. is extremely knowledgeable in this area and prominent in domestic and international market.

Our innovative R&D team, factory production line, experienced workforce along with a well-organized management personnel have worked together to implement a strict quality control standard.

It has kept Xinke Silicon Bra Mfg. successfully growing and thriving.

To ensure clients` requirements and satisfaction, we acquired certification of ISO9001 in 2017. Furthermore, we have had the patented silicone bra certified by China Patent and Trademark Bureau.

We dedicate ourselves to teaming up with all our clients for achieving trustworthy partnership relations by providing the stylish, comfortable Silicon Bras!

Print Silicone Bra

Print Silicone Bra,Sexy Print Silicone Bra,Print Underwear Silicone Bra,Invisible Print Silicone Bra

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