One hundred percent feeling more elegant and elegant underwear design, to provide you with the most personal care, whether it is gorgeous color puzzles or simple solid color, with elegant charm of the brand features, each one makes people put it down, give up, and All the functionality, are based on the personal charm of personal comfort, make your life a stage of charm.


Delicate and delicate small floral cloth covered the entire underwear, adding white lace trim, exudes an endless atmosphere of youthful girl, invisible steel ring will hold the chest firmly and stereotypes, to avoid sagging and other troubles.

百分百感觉内衣  让你的生活成为魅力的舞台

Pink printed fabric may bring you a lot of "peach blossom" on this summer. The chiffon cover at the center of the heart, without any traces of wearing under any material coat, will avoid embarrassment.

100% POLYESTER Woven Fusible Interlining(LDPE COATING)

1. Features:

     -- More even and smoothly grey cloth

     -- Handfeel:Soft,Medium,Medium Hard and Hard as customers' require

     -- Perfect bonding strength

     -- Excellent shrinkage control

     -- Garantee for washable,dry-washable

2. Technical Data:

     -- Gray cloth: 100% cotton

     -- Width: 112cm

3.Packing:50M/Y per roll, 2rolls per bag

Shoes Interlining

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