As working-class sisters are wearing a low-key day for all wear and worry about the job? Indeed, the company's work wear everyone looks like a kind, there is no personality, can not reflect their own unique temperament. As time goes by no good mood to work it! In response to this problem, Dora Bana design team carefully designed for the sisters a very in OL dress, so that sisters good mood every day.


This OL dress with black-based colors, giving a mature, steady feeling. Above the waist with a retro abstract printing patterns, highlighting the noble temperament at the same time give a trace of mystery. Concise small round neckline fashion, take you at the forefront of fashion. Belt position slightly higher, so that the legs look more slender, so that the overall visual appeal to achieve high and charming.

朵拉芭娜OL气质女装  穿出职场最in装扮

Overall, this dress with self-cultivation design, repair waist, wrapped buttocks, the perfect curve of women show most vividly. Gorgeous upper body and pure black skirt have a visual impact, low-key luxury natural overflow.

With this stylish and stylish OL, you will never feel dull again. Wear it, the workplace is your beautiful home Oh.

3D Laser Independent Printed Pvc Tablecloth

Material: PVC
Types: 1.Smooth PVC surface
2.Additonal super clear PET film coated on PVC surface
Thickness: 0.14-0.22mm/ custom size
size: 100cm x 100cm & 140cm x 100cm ;

Feature: 1.material: PVC
2.max-width: 150CM, Other sizes will be allowed as per the customers' request
3.Pvc Table Cloth thickness: 0.12mm~0.22mm
4.purpose: houseware decoration, picnic, hotel, party, banquet, wedding easy to clean and carry
5.3D, shiny, golden/ silver grounding, endure dirty, not fade, fire resistance, wipe clean, waterproof, oilproof, low-toxic
pvc table cloth It is a good choice for housing decorations due to it's various color, compatibility and flexibleness. Besides, they are characterised for resistance soiling, easy cleaning, portable carrier, durability, fadeless.

3D Laser Independent Printing Tablecloth

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