Yarn Comments: Raw materials turbulence In recent days, the situation of upstream raw materials, relatively small turbulence persisted in the main, but the yarn market market as a whole is still dull and weak, the key is this year outside the small side, relying solely on domestic sales, the actual consumption is less, market participants said more on the market outlook The lack of confidence is mainly due to lack of confidence.

First, all cotton yarn: The recent cotton market conditions are still relatively clean and continue to be the main, electronic matching market on July 8 MA1309 closed at 19,230 yuan / ton, July 10 MA1309 closed at 19,275 yuan / ton, July 12 MA1309 Closed at 19,265 yuan / ton. The basic quotation in the spot market is also stable and continues to be the mainstay, but the market mentality is still waiting to see, the actual sales of the market is lukewarm, the small factory is still basically set in production, production is still the same, the current mainland 329 lint mainstream to the factory price 19400-19500 yuan / ton about. In recent days, the price of yarn mills in the cotton yarn market remained quiet, but the overall demand in the downstream was weak. Orders were hopeless and imported cotton yarns were also weak. The market was bearish, and it was difficult to change the actual situation and negotiate shipments. Shaoxing area is currently the mainstream price of cotton yarn 32S 25500-26000 yuan / ton, 32S high with the mainstream price of 27,000 yuan / ton, 32S combed mainstream price 29600 yuan / ton, 40S combed mainstream price 30700-30800 yuan / ton , 60S combed mainstream price 35500-36000 yuan / ton.

Market outlook forecast: The current cotton market will continue to wait and see the consolidation trend mainly due to the low level of high-grade cotton and the country's macroeconomic impact. For the cotton yarn market downstream orders are still relatively small, domestic sales are difficult to heat, the total sales are still dull and should not be changed.

Second, pure polyester yarn: raw material polyester staple fiber market in recent days in the raw material slightly turbulent, the price has been correspondingly stable, stable stalemate appeared, the recent Jiangsu and Zhejiang mainstream 1.4Dx38mm polyester staple fiber price of 10,100 yuan / ton, but The overall market is still cautious. Currently, polyester staple fiber is in a struggling state, and manufacturers' attitudes are mostly flat. The key is that the demand for yarn mills is more general, and businesses are unable to operate. Pure polyester yarn market under the influence of stable and slightly stagnant polyester staple fiber prices, the price of the mill is still basically stable, and the movement is not big. Now the 32S mainstream price of Shaw Xiao market is about 14,600 yuan/ton, mainly due to the recent spinning mill The profit margin is still good, and the smooth delivery is the main focus. On the other hand, the overall volume of transactions in the market has been relatively low in recent years, coupled with the low desire of middlemen to purchase goods. Sinochem and Xiaohua's market conditions have been mainly dull, and the mainstream price of 32S is about 1280-110000 yuan/ton. However, the recent 50S is better, it can be said that tight cargo prices, 50S/2 is also good, mainly an order comes, 50S for the latitude, 50S/2 for the classics. Coupled with the poor fine yarn in the early period, some yarn mills did not do much, but recently the weather was hot, the factory started underemployment, and the output was low. Therefore, the supply was not enough for a while, the price was rising, and the supply was tight.

Market outlook forecast: At present, from the perspective of polyester staple fiber, the trend of upstream raw materials will be the main reason to contain the market, but the total is difficult to move, the recent market is still stable and mainly in the weak trend. Pure polyester yarn market conditions under the influence of raw materials, to a certain extent, the price is stable and stable consolidation, but the overall situation is still mainly flat.

Third, people cotton yarn: Viscose staple fiber market in recent days compared to slightly better than the previous market, prices have risen slightly, some individual quotes raised by 100 yuan / ton, but the overall atmosphere is still cautious, the transaction is not big, a few days ago The mainstream 1.5x38mm viscose staple fiber price 13400-13500 yuan / ton, high-end mainstream price 13600-13700 yuan / ton, low-cost disappear. Although people's cotton yarn market continues to insist on quotation, some spinning mills are eager to raise prices, but due to the fact that the downstream demand is still low, businesses are watching and seeing weak, the confidence of the market outlook is not good, the yarn factory is mainly shipped, and the actual price is difficult. Pull, relatively weaving yarn is still possible, knitting yarn is not optimistic, Shao Xiao market 30S knitting mainstream price of 18,200 yuan / ton, 30S woven mainstream price of 17,700 yuan / ton, 30S/2 mainstream price of 20,000 yuan / ton, Relatively recent 32S/2 can also be.

Market outlook: In recent days, the viscose staple fiber market has remained relatively cautious with a slight continuation of the market, but it is not moving. People's cotton yarn market does not have much orders in the downstream weaving mills. Businesses are bearish, and the market will not change much.



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