Also a golden autumn in August, Anna Erden children's clothing to catch up before the children's school quarter opened, August 25 Anna Er Deng children's clothing in the development zone in Dalian, Liaoning million and exchange grand opening of the mall, the opening also caused parents At the end of August is also our parents preparing for the children to start school, Anna Aiden children's clothing opening big discount, parents are not quickly seized the new, so that the baby's season more trendy fashion, but also hope that new and old customers come. Anna Ai Deng Dalian Wanhe Department Store, the use of pink balloons to embellish the opening atmosphere, but also can better attract children, the balloon is one of the children's favorite entertainment, balloon can bring endless joy to children, can also give children Bring the joy of childhood, Anna Erden children's clothing store also hope to give children the best quality clothing, can let children carry the dream take off. Since its establishment, "Anna & Eden" brand has always been adhering to the quality route, focusing on fashion aesthetic princess and elegance and comfort prince series children's clothing for 1-10 year-old children, and has always followed "for children to create a wonderful, healthy and happy childhood" Design concept, close to the international fashion trends, innovative product design, color rich and natural, comfortable, highlighting the fashion without exaggeration, reflecting Anna & love Deng always adhere to the "fashion, sweet, elegant, dynamic" brand style.

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