China's jade culture has a long history. In the inheritance of jade culture for thousands of years, the Chinese have applied the use of jade to all aspects of life. Whether it is the treasures of the carved gems or the dishes used for eating, jade plays its use as much as possible in China. Jade in China seems to be synonymous with elegance. Putting a few pieces of jade in the room immediately made the whole house radiant and radiant. Because of the presence of jade, it shows that the taste of the jade master is extraordinary, and immediately raised the temperament of the jade owner. Whether it is the nobles of the government or the royal family, the pursuit of jade is always full of inspiration. In the long history of China's development for thousands of years, the jade culture is deeply rooted in the atmosphere of national culture, and the impact is quite far-reaching. .

The origin of Chinese jade culture dates back to the new era. As early as in the new era, China began to appear ornaments made of jade. Although there is no later fine carving, it is also the original prototype of jade. . With the development of jade, jade began to enter a stage of prosperity. The more detailed jade processing makes the jade works produced by jade become full of variety. Objects that are often found in simulated life are also often seen. Animals, people, flowers, birds and fish are all available. It can be seen that the development of Chinese jade has been closely related to people's daily life. A lot of art is amazing and amazing. Since then, the jade craftsman has become an admirable character. The perfect jade art is displayed through the extraordinary design of the craftsman. It can be described as a skillful and ingenious work. The development of jade in China to this day, the prospects are still brilliant. It can be seen that the status of jade in Chinese culture is extremely far-reaching.



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