The Yishe ID women's brand originated in Europe is designed for modern women who live in major cities in the world and have dreams, independence, freedom, and sensitivity to fashion and quality. It is suitable for work, holiday, friends gatherings, evening banquets and other occasions. product.

He: Shanghai Apparel Yishe ID Women's Wear Jiangxi Jingdezhen Huada Department Store opened

He: Shanghai Apparel Yishe ID Women's Wear Jiangxi Jingdezhen Huada Department Store opened

ID came to China in 2012, she brought the most cutting-edge design of European fashion - bright colors, elegant and exquisite, actually wearing wild inadvertently broke into the people's attention.
The brand name ID, which originated from the acronym Image Dream, symbolizes the image of a dream - I hope that every fashionable woman can wear her own dream image. ID uses a reasonable price to create a distinctive and distinctive fashion brand for Chinese middle-class fashion ladies.
From product design to craftsmanship, from color to plate type, from detail to collocation, everything is elegant and refined. She draws inspiration from European art of all times, combines trends, inspires creativity, and shows women's fashion charm.
ID Women's stores integrate modern low-key luxury European styles with modern international trends and create a shopping environment full of art and fashion so that consumers can enjoy shopping. ID Women's fashion, professional, meticulous and affiliated advisory service also make it an indispensable and beautiful partner in women's lives.

ID Women's Brand Positioning:
Brand personality: young fashion, elegant and refined;
Market positioning: the core business districts of second and third-tier cities;
Crowd orientation: young urban white-collar workers with a mental age of 22-35 years old (core 25-35);
Product Positioning: Keep up with fashion, have a strong tolerance, and quickly meet the various needs of fashion women (such as work, leisure, banquet, etc.);
Main price: 299-699 yuan for spring and summer clothes, 229-599 yuan for summer clothes, and 499-1299 yuan for winter clothes

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