Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone! I am Andy Party TV news network anchor - Di Aberdeen, today is the first day of part launching, I am pleased to meet with you here to share the Italian fashion street style Andy Party children's wonderful information. In this festive day, Di will first broadcast for everyone a Andy Party Chongqing Jiefangbei hundred stores opened ceremony information. Autumn season, in the fiery mountain city, Andy Party and children gathered in the Jiefangbei hundred, bring unlimited joy to the children, opened the cool show of the mountain city. Follow our lens, together to feel the grand occasion under the scene! Look at the children wearing Andy Party T-shirts, how kind, cool it! These are members of the Andy Party fan group, vitality and color is our representative! Come on, come on, ladies and gentlemen sign with spray slightly interesting! They are big fans of Andy Party! Love to share the attitude of life, with the "Di" like the same Oh! Children hip-hop performance debut, full of action, oh, coupled with the famous local graffiti teacher in Chongqing for the "Andy Party" Hyun classic blue, which, "Pakistan suitable!" Dear friends, want to experience the colorful lines and imaginative collision of the crystallization? Then follow the demonstration of graffiti division, parent-child creation with Mom and Dad, complete your own T-shirt graffiti work. Look, paint in the hands of children, illusion turned into colorful lines, cool design, creative Oh.

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