Autumn, the typhoon has just passed without any impact on the enthusiasm of the fashion industry, the women's brand VIKI grand opening in Jingmen store, opened the first day of popularity, this is a good start, to the majority of female friends to bring a new choice, I hope VIKI in the days to develop better and better.




VIKI Women's Wear is a leading brand on the Korean apparel market. With 15 years of brand development history and rich market experience, VIKI enters the big market in China and brings good news to many Chinese consumers. From another perspective To bring competition in China's garment industry pressure. South Korea's clothing is an indelible important role in the world's fashion industry. In this international environment, South Korea's friendly relations with China are among the major steps in the development of foreign policy and economic exchange. VIKI just entered China soon, sought after by the vast number of Chinese consumers and favorite, indicating that South Korea's clothing is very marketable in China. In such a condition, VIKI open new stores, strike while the iron and steel, to VIKI in the development of the Chinese market to lay a good foundation for the development.

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