Light and shadow shuttle, graceful body Pina if flies to fly, a ray of light fluttering in the smoke lingering gentle dance, as the Mona Lisa smile general, the world dumping.


The use of higher side than the design, can quickly store free fat around the chest, the stomach belly, furs, armpits and back fat into the cup. Slim cotton cup, natural focus on the care without burden, double row of soft cartilage lateral push stronger, so wearing more upright, Feng Ting.

2013秋冬内衣新款  穿出最美曲线把世人倾倒

French lace elegant lace, flowing folds float the most wonderful dreams, 3/4 comfortable cup suitable for moderate chest MM, wearing a suit of strong degree, the cup along the lace hollow to the ear, can accommodate more, and Not significant, to prevent the embarrassment of exposure. (Source: Jacqueline Lingerie )

Customizable Size Sapphire Crystal

Customizable 4Inch Sapphire Crystal,Customizable 6Inch Sapphire Crystal,Customizable 8Inch Sapphire Crystal,Customizable 12Inch Sapphire Crystal

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