September 12 Miss Wang, Guizhou formally signed with the sea ​​Jia Shi , become our Haijia Shi! Will be welcome to join the ladies ' friends to visit the shop.


Guizhou opened two stores, there may be doubts customers, is not no regional protection? No, with the same city but different regions, business district does not overlap is no problem, Haijia Shi strict regional protection to ensure franchisee monopoly, to avoid vicious competition.

Haijia Shi brand women's chain of franchise stores the rapid development, benefit from Haijia Shi brand core values, adhere to brand differentiation, adhere to the development of personalized brand, Bingzhe "made, done, for a long time" franchisee market growth Program, according to market demand, as well as the different conditions of each franchisee, to develop the most suitable for its development programs to ensure that each franchisee can be made, thoroughly done, for a long time.

1, first-class terminal shop decoration (customers can not be attracted to it? Because most of the clothing store decoration on the market is very general)

2, first-class clothing display effect (customers can not be attracted? Change at least 2 times a week clothing display)

3, first-class quality of clothing styles (customers can not be attracted to it? All seven product inspections, an average of 5-7 days style update cycle)

4, four stores one of the business model (clothing + shoes + bags + accessories, one-stop service, customer convenience, so that customers buy non-stop hand.)

5, 100% guaranteed (I believe the power of the brand, the product can be 100% returned.)


Haijia Shi can be opened within a short time in many stores, the news is really exciting. Haijia Shi ladies by the majority of the franchisee's favor and grace, Haijia Shi will also do better and better, and now also entered the fast lane of the brand development.

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