September 26, "Sheng Xiang," the ancient spring 2014 new conference will be held in Guangzhou Chime Long Hotel, the ancient color - sussi break the traditional structure of the line, the use of legislation, prototype and plane combination of product mix and sense of the series, In the West, free and easy into the East delicate, harmonious classical and modern, infected ladies ladies and become their darling.


Old-color - sussi located in the high fashion women , the main line of business to cater to Chinese women's fashion, elegance, sophistication, aristocratic complex, with its pleasing to the delightful spiritual experience, while maintaining the unique color of the ancient color, while a large number of Chinese costumes into "Delicate, graceful, elegant" aesthetic element, Shu Jing, Zhuang Li reveals the indifferent personality, elegance, elegance filled with modern pursuit, showing a unique female charm.



SUSSI cut tailor, gentle and elegant and yet personal, she makes you understand your needs. Unusual SUSSI situation because she makes you sentiment: the meaning of the clothing itself is not just dress up, she can show you a richer and more perfect self, will lead you to the pleasant world.

Contact: 020--39173033-8189 (Lee students)

Shangri-la curtains are using polyester fiber fabrics, not easy to edge grinding, environmentally friendly. Strong shading, simple structure of the track and bracket in the installation of more convenient, and easy to clean, long time bright as new fabric. Shangri-la curtain can be divided into pearl chain pull type and electric take-away type according to the operation mode, which can not only reduce the solar radiation, but also keep the indoor air smooth.

Curtain Blind Shangri-La

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