Autumn, a kind of unspeakable beauty. In this autumn, IMM Yummer introduced a travel knitwear collection with a soft texture and abstract, colorful graphics that make it an integral knit art for travel.

Light color fight

Free to walk, with a deep poetic, and deep and shallow. Peacock blue blend gorgeous red, like a tunnel-like pattern, with a not strong but enough to attract the eye of the magnetic field.

尹默 - IMM

针织衫外套搭配 温暖过国庆

针织衫外套搭配 温暖过国庆

  • Super soft reversible cover for hot and cold nights.
  • Easy to attach to the blanket.
  • Machine washable.
  • Safety certificated removable duvet cover for Weighted Blanket.

Weighted Blanket Cover

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