On April 25th, it was jointly sponsored by the world famous diamond brand GALACE "Diamond Star" and the famous domestic fund management company Jianxin Fund. The Diamond Salon supported by "Public Financial Consultant" was held in the Diamond Star of Jinyuan Yansha MALL. This salon invited Ms. Hu Minghui, the national registered quality inspector, to explain the basic knowledge of diamonds to the high-end holders of the Jianxin Fund, and introduced some of the world's most famous diamonds and diamonds. .

More than 50 members and guests attended the event and interacted with experts on the spot. The atmosphere was very warm. In addition, Li Hong, editor-in-chief of Public Welfare Advisor, Wang Yan, director of marketing management of CCB, and Diamond Star, XXX, took out six lucky listeners and presented beautiful diamond ornaments as gifts.

Why is the diamond known as the king of gems? Hu Minghui believes that in addition to its own attractive qualities, it is also due to its processing and cultural relationship. Since ancient times, diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of power, majesty, wealth and long-lasting true love. Its indestructible, eternal quality is the goal that mankind always pursues. It has potential and great cultural value.

As a gemstone, it must have three elements: beauty, durability and scarcity. Diamond is the only gemstone with the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion. It is incomparable to any other gemstone variety. Such a treasure in the treasure, rare and rare, should be the most expensive. According to statistics, a diamond from mining, sorting, processing, grading, sales, to final sales, involving more than 2 million people, a diamond ring is the crystallization of natural creator and more than 2 million people, the preciousness of diamonds is also This can be seen.

Hu Minghui pointed out that the world recognized diamond identification standard is 4C, namely color, Clarity, CaratWeight and Cut.

(1) Color: It is best to use colorless, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. In the color grading of colorless diamonds, the top color is D color, which is sequentially arranged down to Z. D ~ G is a colorless level, G ~ J is a near colorless level, from K down, there is basically no collection and wearing meaning. When selecting a drill, try to choose a color above H. Although the level of I~J is also in the near-colorless category, it can be perceived as a slight yellow. Colored diamonds, such as red, pink, green and blue, are treasures in diamonds and are expensive. Among them, the red diamond is the most expensive.

(2) Clarity: The basis for the classification of clarity is the difference in the position, size and quantity of the inclusions. The clarity level can be divided into FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, P1, P2 and P3. The degree of cleanliness of the diamond should be carefully observed under a 10x microscope. The more the sputum, the more obvious the position, the worse the quality and the correspondingly lower price.

(3 carat quality (Carat): In the same case of the other 3C, the price of the diamond is proportional to the square of the weight. The greater the weight, the higher the value. The weight of the diamond is in carats. 1 carat (ct) = 0.2 g (g). The average of 1 carat is divided into 100 copies, and each 1 is 1 point. The 0.3ct and 0.4ct of the price tag on the mall are 30 points and 40 points.

(4) Cut: Cut is the geometry of the various lobe surfaces of the finished loose diamond and the way it is arranged. Cutting is divided into cutting ratio, polishing and modification degree. Each item has 5 levels, from high to low, EXCELLENT, VERYGOOD, GOOD, FAIR and POOR. Generally seen are standard round drill cuts. The top cut stone, which can achieve the closest perfect ratio to the light reflection, that is, we say 3 EX (EXCELLENT) cuts, but the price of this cut will be slightly more expensive. Because its yield is relatively low, it will be about 5% higher than the price of 3 EX cuts, but the fire of the 3 EX stones is definitely the most beautiful.

The four factors should be averaged and matched. The “three lights” of light, flash and fire are the biggest contributions of diamond cutting to the beauty of diamonds. Of course, when purchasing diamonds, the diamond identification certificate is an important document that cannot be ignored. Generally, the certificate issued by the American Jewelry Institute (GIA) is a relatively formal and strict “diamond-level” guarantee. The two key indicators of the GIA certificate are symmetry and degree of modification. Never place diamonds with other jewellery and cosmetics containing chemical fiber ingredients.


Hu Minghui also did jewelry identification and cleaning services for the members present, and answered many questions about jewelry and diamonds. During the event, Diamond Star also launched some new diamonds popular this year, including two 9- and 11-carat colored diamonds.

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