[China Glass Network] Customers will lie because they secretly hope that you will sell something to them.

Customers are also people, which means they sometimes distort the truth. Here are some of the more common customer lie and tips on how you can use these lies to build your sales advantage:


Lie one: "We are very satisfied with the current supplier."

Regardless of whether the customer indicates how much they “love” the current supplier, they are always willing to consider a better choice. Your job is to figure out why you can be a better choice.

Lie 2: "We don't have a budget."

Unless the customer is really bankrupt, the true meaning of this sentence is "other projects have higher priority." Your job is to explain why what you offer is more important than projects that already have a budget.

Lie 3: "I am the decision maker."

This is usually wishful thinking. Even in the “mother and pop” scenario, “mother” can still veto the “popular” decision. In large companies, decisions are always made through consensus. Your job is to find (and impress) all the people involved.

Lie 4: "Give me some information, I will take a closer look."

This is the euphemism that the customer said "I am very busy and lost", they just don't want to be too rude. You better understand this sentence as the other party agrees to send you a message, but you should also ask something like this: "By the way, what is your priority in this field?" Let the conversation continue Go on.

Lie 5: "I am sorry, I missed our scheduled meeting."

Ok, it’s very likely that the other person is not so sorry, because obviously something is more important. Fortunately, according to social rules, your customers are now obligated to do something to make up for the time you waste.

Lie six. “We will consider all bidders equally.”

Sorry, but in every bidding scenario, there are people who have internal lines (usually they write RFPs). Your job is to become the person who writes the RFP, or to become a person who adjusts the RFP.

Lie seven: "The price of your competitors is much cheaper."

The customer is very aware that your offer is highly justified (for example, providing a better service or providing more features). If this is not the case, then the question is how do you present and position the products or services you offer.

Lie eight: "If you can't give us a big discount, this business will blow up."

This later minute requirement is for the client to check if he has made a better business through negotiation. If you give in and give the other a discount, they will know that you have deceived them. If you stick to your position, they will sigh with satisfaction and take out the checkbook.

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