Sunburn Baby Photos (Issue 1) Theme: Sunbathe baby photos and grow up with dreams Event Time: Event deadline 2013.12.31 Activities: Follow the WeChat and receive a baby photo, one winner a week , Sent a rainbow cat blue rabbit doll, a list of prizes announced through the micro channel platform. Participate in ways: 1, scan the Rainbow cat Blue Rabbit official WeChat QR code (or in the WeChat platform search "rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing") and attention, 2, upload baby wearing rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing photos sent to Rainbow cat blue rabbit Official WeChat to activities prizes: Rainbow cat blue rabbit doll a (59 yuan value)

Embroidery Fabric

Mesh Embroidery Fabric,Embroidery Fabric,Rope Mesh Embroidery,Dribbling Embroidery Fabric


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