We advocate the good times, not just elegant coat or elegant suits, but also with friends whispered fit whispering to his ear, and his wife when dancing lightly skirts. New Year approaching, let us settle thoughts, write your heart by hand, say their most precious beautiful life.

Here will be your expression of warmth and happiness of the port, we use the most sincere strong emotions, looking forward to the heart of each and every friend link, so that the soul and insights in this convergence.

美诗缇 - MIXTIE

Invite you to participate in the "end of the year, Mei Shi Ti enjoy time" topic, say your mood, portray your dream, that is, have the opportunity to get precious New Year gifts!

Activity Rules

1, concerned about the MIXTIE Mei Shi Ti official WeChat (WeChat number: mixtie618) / Weibo (@ MIXTIE Mei Shi Ti)

2, Via WeChat, Weibo will be the most satisfied with their own poetry Ti costumes with pictures, with about 120 words about the story of the past memories or New Year's dream, sent to the MIXTIE US poetry Ti official WeChat or Sina Weibo @ MIXTIE poems Ti, we will recommend these stories to Mei Shi Ti official WeChat, microblogging, together for your blessing and applause!

Deadline for the event: January 5, 2014

Welcome to scan the QR code or find the WeChat public account: mixtie618, talk, share!


The Waterproof Zipper is a special Nylon Zipper. The main treatment methods include TPU film, Polyvinylchlorid (referred to as PVC), water repellency soaking, and waterproof zipper coating.

     Let's take a look at their knowledge, sources, uses, and more.
     1, TPU film waterproof zipper: as a high-end waterproof zipper, with cold resistance -40 ° C, high temperature resistance 100 ° C, waterproof, breathable, low temperature, soft and other advantages, has been praised by domestic and foreign customers. TPU is an environmentally friendly polymer. The Chinese name is thermoplastic polyurethane, also known as waterproof and moisture permeable film. It is a major breakthrough in the application of new environmentally friendly materials to waterproof and breathable fabrics. It overcomes many defects of PVC waterproof zippers. TPU waterproof zipper has most of the characteristics of rubber and ordinary plastic, but also has excellent physical and chemical properties, so it is also called future material.

Waterproof Zipper

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