Sapphire is a high-grade gemstone. It is one of the top five gemstones. It ranks third after diamonds and rubies. With its crystal-clear blue color, it symbolizes loyalty, perseverance, love and honesty. As an ordinary consumer, we don't have professional testing equipment. In this “mixed-to-dragon” market, it is more important to know some simple sapphire identification methods.

Shundeyuan silver jewelry gem identification: sapphire identification method

The most common sapphire on the market is glass, and some corundum gemstones with light, cracked and low quality are optimized and processed in various ways. In fact, it is easier to identify glass. The glass is pressed out at a high temperature and shrinks naturally after cooling, and the plane is recessed inward. This sag phenomenon is not easy to find with the naked eye. It must be magnified by a magnifying glass. When using a magnifying glass, it cannot be linearly focused. It should be obliquely focused, and it is easy to find concave, concave, usually glass. The more common dyeing treatment will make the color of the gemstone only distributed in the crack and not into the crystal of the gemstone, so the overall color looks too thick, frivolous and unreal, and easier to identify.

Another incomprehensible is synthetic sapphire. Synthetic sapphire and natural sapphire are similar in terms of specific gravity, refractive index, and color. However, there is another difference is their texture, seeing whether its texture is naturally crystallized, and natural crystals are often messy and disorderly. Synthetic sapphire, the crystals are often very orderly, white and flawless, and it is easy to form irregular bubbles.

In addition to synthetic sapphire, glass and some treated sapphires, the market will use gems that are similar to sapphires. Such as blue spinel quartz clock, blue tourmaline, Tanzania stone (dragon stone), blue zircon (color change), blue cone, kyanite, cordierite and so on. Identifying true and false in such a huge counterfeit market is also a headache. In fact, the easiest way to distinguish is to buy it from a more formal merchant. There is a complete jewelry appraisal book. This is the safest move.

For the true and false identification of sapphire, here are just a few simple methods. In order to have a deeper understanding, it is necessary to rely on practice and learn professional knowledge.

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