Since the pearl is close to the neck of the person, its active ingredients can be rubbed into the human body. The pearl has a certain absorption capacity for body fluid secretion, and the skin also absorbs the drug components contained in the pearl, and even affects the local affected area, and plays an anti-inflammatory therapeutic effect; Contains calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, and various elements such as magnesium, manganese, copper, iodine, phosphorus, strontium, lead, sodium, potassium, and more than a dozen amino acids. The pearl is medically safe and clear. Yiyin, eyesight detoxification, closing the muscles and other effects. Especially during menstruation, menopause, irritability and irritability, wearing a pearl necklace can play a better role in regulation and relaxation, and can also prevent chronic pharyngitis and thyroid, etc., while making the skin extraordinarily smooth and delicate, gently massage with pearls in the morning and evening. The skin also has the effects of skin care, beauty and wrinkle removal.

Pearl jewelry

The main health benefits of pearls

In general, the role of the pearl bracelet is mainly for the pelvic, lung, large intestine, etc.; the health care effect of the pearl earrings is mainly for the eyes and the endocrine system; the pearl necklace can promote blood circulation, relieve the stiffness and soreness of the treatment, chest Relief of pain, habitual headache, insomnia, constipation, generalized exhaustion, etc.

Wearing a pearl necklace, it has the effect of calming and calming the nerves. It can reduce the hypertension of heart patients to normal, the heartbeat returns to normal, and vertigo can be treated. At the negotiating table, you can get unexpected stability and emotional effects. According to legend, in the event of the major events of the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty, they will hold a large pearl to help her make decisions. Many high-ranking women in modern society like to wear pearl jewelry in business negotiations and other occasions, often playing a calming, clear-headed, and responsive role (and government and business partners will also be attracted to their elegant style and appearance, Reduce hostility and resistance, calm down your opponents or partners, and optimize decision-making and negotiation.

Pearl is the tear of the mermaid, a gemstone with the energy of the moon, so it is also called "the tears of Venus." It can give the wearer the power to make the heart and soul clear and clean, help to absorb and comprehend things, and calm the temper.

Pearl necklace health care function

Pearls are bred from the ocean or river, the bivalve shellfish in the lake, and are an organic gem. It is the only gem on earth that was born of life. In addition to the aesthetic effect of pearls, the preference of middle-aged women for pearls is unquestionable.

In terms of physical properties, pearls are very compatible with human skin. It is a rare and valuable Chinese medicine. It has excellent health and health effects. It contains 20 kinds of amino acids and 24 kinds of trace elements. After contact with human skin, it accelerates through the action of sweat (when the body secretes sweat). The nutrients in the differentiated pearls enter the bottom layer from the surface of the skin and play a role in the whole body.

Among all the jewellery, only pearls will not absorb the essence of the human body, and will only "sacrifice themselves to contribute to the wearer". Unlike other gems, it is necessary to absorb "popularity" to support themselves. Many times, the wearer feels that the color of the pearl seems to be light and yellow, which is generally because the nutrients in the pearl are absorbed by the body.

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