NEWFOUND New York Women's 2014 summer new rich color changes, stimulating the public's visual nerve. But in the colorful streets, you will surely be attracted to the unique blue powder. Women are always eager for romance and nostalgia for the pure state of mind, while pure and elegant tones coexist with multiple designs to create a new and elegant image.

Pink blue is a very mysterious color, many people say it is purple, many people say it is blue; pink blue people feel calm, often used in the bedroom, can be used to make curtains, pillows, beds The color of the wallpaper, it makes people think of the transparent sky, a thin, pure cloud shelter.

Inspired by the mermaids, this series of designers transformed the mermaid's colorful fins into the scales of fish scales. With the gauze-trimmed jacket and fishtail skirt, the mysterious and rich natural beauty is vividly appealing.

Color matching is a very popular trend in these two seasons. The shorts that are full of fashion and youthfulness show a casual and elegant style whether it is with a modern-cut spliced ​​vest or a matching middle-sleeved jacket.

The simple ONE PIECE dress uses a short and long front design, combined with a perspective texture fabric to create a young and stylish look. Dissolving the bag decoration design, stylish and stylish personality. Regardless of whether you want to feel relaxed and casual or mature, you don’t need to bother with it. An ONE PIECE dress can help you to perform perfectly.

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