When the illumination of the target illumination surface is the same, the diameter of the laser illumination spot is kept constant, and the laser divergence angle H changes correspondingly with the distance, which can greatly reduce the laser emission power and reduce the laser exposure probability. Although the laser emitting device also needs to increase the zoom system, there is still a merit in this configuration as a whole. This is also an important reason for the constant laser spot diameter of many laser illumination or guidance systems. For systems with fixed laser divergence angles, the value of H should be as small as possible. The larger the receiving aperture D is, the better. Receive the field of view. The receiving system may also consider the use of a zoom system to reduce the receiving field of view as the viewing distance increases.

Improve the system's received signal-to-noise ratio; increase the target/background imaging contrast G value, thereby increasing the angular resolution of the low-light system; reducing the probability of long-distance interference/damage by the other laser defense system; maintaining the display at long distances The target image on the (screen) is not too small, thereby improving the target recognition ability and target tracking accuracy. The illumination power required by the low-light sighting system and the corresponding target illuminance calculation formula under zero illumination (the zero illumination environment is objective).

Obviously, when the night light contributes to the target illumination, that is, the non-zero illumination condition, the illumination power illumination calculated by these formulas, the low-light system should be able to observe further targets. This ensures the product's adaptability to complex optical environments. Illumination beam atmospheric backscatter interference problem and target distance measurement.

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