On the evening of May 14, the 10th ICIF Shenzhen Guangming Home Furnishing Creative Valley Sub-venue was grandly opened in the Komeito Sequoia Science and Technology Park Plaza, and the underwear leader Qixir was invited to attend the exhibition. In the static exhibition area, Xi Si Seoul to wear a Chinese style "Lotus Moonlight" elegant appearance of the wind, the unique oriental charm has attracted many media friends, joining agents, visitors stop watch.

As a brand that takes traditional culture as the cornerstone and molds the soul of the enterprise and brand, Sisiel has always adhered to oriental beauty as the brand connotation for 15 years. Deep cultural heritage is a prerequisite for Alsace to immerse themselves in the underwear market. As a leader in underwear business, Alsiell delivers high-quality underwear concepts and a unique underwear culture to the industry and the general public.

第十届文博会 茜施尔大玩“中国风”

The 2014 spring and summer show "Lotus Pond" is the typical embodiment of Qian Shi Er inheritance and show Oriental beauty. Lotus products as the theme, with Chinese ink painting, black and white dotted lotus, can not help but remind her "out of the mud without dyeing" features, bringing unlimited reverie; Embroidery and printing, the level of contrast, such as the shadow of natural , Beautiful and lifelike, sublime the Oriental beauty promoted by Sischler to the realm of art.

Xi Sier, as the leader of domestic adjustment lingerie, has been adhering to product design philosophy internally and externally, tirelessly for the world's women create a beautiful and healthy and confident life and make unremitting efforts. And Xi Sier underwear, from the design concept to the development of production, the health curve beauty to wear fashionable coat, showing the years Qianxi Shier services in the high-end market experience, it is no wonder that many elegant, intellectual, fashion women have been Love in Qian Shi Seoul!


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