Compared with gold and silver, jade is a kind of treasure that is more suitable for all ages and raises people's eyes. Therefore, many people choose jade as their own personal ornaments, and gifted with jade, which has a long history in China. However, taking jade gifts is actually very particular. Send it right, such as icing on the cake. On the contrary, it is very embarrassing to send a mistake.

Established in 2010, Miyu Jewelry adheres to the brand concept of “Small Collection of Beautiful Jade Tiancheng”. Based on Yunnan's unique jade resources and abundant capital and technical strength, it provides collection of jade jewelry and crafts for jade lovers and jade players. . Here, Mi jade jewelry for everyone:

Send the elderly: should be traditional, simple

Jade ornaments with traditional carvings and simple rules are suitable for the elderly. Choose bracelets and flower pieces, especially the shapes that symbolize Fulu, longevity gourd, Shoutao, Fudou. You can also choose Guanyin and Buddha pendant. Jadeite is old and green, and the water is delicate, symbolizing the deep and open-mindedness of the elderly. The selection of bracelets should be larger, because the bones of the elderly are stiff, and the large bracelets are easy to wear and it is not easy to hurt the elderly.

An expert in the jewelry industry once said: gold is money, diamonds are prices, and jade is life. The king of jade is jade. This summer, fashion is not only a modern, cold-blooded metal, but also a diamond that shines brightly, and a jade with auspicious meaning that takes you between traditional and modern styles.

Send young people: fashion, fashion, design

Young people always walk in the front end of fashion, and they can choose exaggerated and well-designed jade jewelry. K gold inlaid jade is also a good choice. Send ladies optional inlaid pendants, bracelets, wishful, etc., violet, white, green, both solemn and noble. Send men a choice of 貔貅, bamboo, immediately sealed Hou, etc., symbolizing auspicious, step by step. The color should be strong or pretty, and the material of the jade should be large and complete.

Send children: mellow, simple, likable

The children are lively and active, the skin is tender, the carving is simple, and the corners are more suitable. The choices include a safety buckle, a zodiac, and a mother-child pendant, which symbolizes peace, health, and growth. The color should be bright, the foundation is delicate, and the water is relatively thorough. In addition, we must also consider the weight of the jewelry, small, lighter weight is more suitable for children to wear.

Linen is very strong and absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. Because of these properties, linen is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments. It also has other distinctive characteristics, notably its tendency to wrinkle.[1] Many other products, including home furnishing items, are also often made from linen.

Linen textiles appear to be some of the oldest in the world; their history goes back many thousands of years. Dyed flax fibers found in a cave in Southeastern Europe (present-day Georgia) suggest the use of woven linen fabrics from wild flax may date back over 30,000 years. Linen was used in ancient civilizations including Mesopotamia[2] and ancient Egypt, and linen is mentioned in the Bible. In the 18th century and beyond, the linen industry was important in the economies of several countries in Europe as well as the American colonies.

Textiles in a linen weave texture, even when made of cotton, hemp, or other non-flax fibers, are also loosely referred to as "linen."

Linen Series

Linen Series

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