In late 2013, a series of parent-child interactive programs were broadcast with "Dad Going Where," which set off a paternity boom nationwide and became a popular product popularly pursued by consumers. As early as in 2006, the parent-child packaging industry started to scale up in China. However, for a long time, both parent-child packaging products lacked a sense of design and creativity and lacked the input of well-known brands. The general impression is that the style is simple, the style is simple, the materials are monotonous, You can only satisfy the fun need of being thrown away for a specific activity or once or twice. Today's young parents are increasingly demanding on the personalized clothing, is no longer a short-lived interest needs, but the overall emotional integration of family needs, creating a huge future market potential for parent-child equipment installed. Upscale family invested 10 years in the domestic high-end market for parent-child equipment and accumulated rich market experience. It ranks the benchmark for parent-child packaging industry and has entered the major department stores nationwide to achieve outstanding performance. To cater to the immediate development opportunities that have emerged, in 2014 we launched the Great Believer to protect the "Buckingham Palace" in England and the Teddy Bear - "Bear Guard" from the United Kingdom to protect the whole family on behalf of safety, protection, perseverance and honor happy. And build a series of family members - bear father, bear mother, bear brother, Xiong Mei, continue the "high family" brand a warm atmosphere. Create "high clan" to become a brand with a temperature. High-class family with the actual, durable design concept, into the British nobility of the hereditary elegance, both fashion and function, improve product richness, color mix, style echoed each other, in order to build fully meet the full family wear needs , Bring out the family's taste. With the breakdown of the apparel market, the popularity of parenting equipment is an inevitable trend. With the brand new concept of creativity, getting rid of the wrangling of the previous price, close to the market demand, and creating a new market with no immediate competition and long-term potential, the elite family has become a blue ocean opportunity in the apparel industry in the future.

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