18-year-old sky, Iraqi people enjoy the beautiful style of the release; 18-year-old Mood for Love, Iraqi people enjoy the good years rendering and stretching; so a fresh and graceful innocence how can we not bless, praise and treasure too! This year the autumn Iraqi ushered in her 18-year-old, Xiaobian here for everyone to introduce several autumn Iraqi summer new shirt, so that every woman forever 18 years old.

High-quality chiffon fabric comfortable, simple version of the atmosphere, with waist visual effects, half-sleeved design highlights full, with orange embossed shorts, intellectual and elegant.

Bright colors, shoulders and placket at the wave design, woven fabrics and transparent fabric stitching, with the fishtail bag skirt, the United States will be so pure!

Chiffon embroidered shirts, lotus leaf cuffs, such as the ocean-like romantic, transparent fabrics and comfortable elegant chiffon splicing, such as the water-hibiscus-like pleasant.

秋水伊人夏季新款衬衫搭配  衬衫搭配什么好看

Delicate lace, cuffs wave design, exudes elegance feminine, with orange print skirts, embroidery process hem adds more Smart breath.

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