A lot of MM will ignore the accessories with this one, but in fact, if the accessories with the good, is definitely a multiplier effect, then Xiaobian recommend some accessories for everyone with skills, as long as these pairs of accessories, you can let you More stylish styling beautiful, beautiful and moving! Accessories: Sunglasses Sunglasses as a bump up to the people must have a single product, not only help us to modify the face, so that our face looks more compact and refined, but also immediately add to our fashion, so that we look like the wave of the tide Oh! Accessories II: bracelet bracelets Many sister paper may not have the habit of bracelet bracelets, but in fact the bracelet bracelet is a good bump-shaped single product, delicate and delicate style can add femininity, so that we look more delicate and delicate , While exaggerated or distinctive style allows us to attract more steal the spotlight, full of tide flavor. Accessories 3: bags Strictly speaking, the bag is not an accessory, but also a great tool for the bump shape, if the bag is good, not only can highlight the owner's fashion taste, but also brighten the overall shape , Play the finishing touch effect! Accessories four: exaggerated necklace I believe many sister paper closet will have several solid color clothes, and the number of solid color clothes will make people feel some monotonous, if this time with some exaggerated necklace to embellishment, can naturally brighten the overall shape , Let us attract more attention to steal the spotlight.

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