Eleven where to play? Choose to go out holiday people is the most stupid, but want to go out to travel girl Xiaobian mind you do not go to the bustling metropolis to travel, we all think of taking advantage of the National Day out to see, then do not want crowded travel to as much Boring, you should choose a quiet place, although not very famous, but the scenery is also very good, put on the United States and the United States clothes, the camera will never walk through the crowd again.


Manya slave women eleven trips dress, skirt style with fresh professional package style can fit the town's landscape, Slim design, a fresh feeling, like, like nature, especially pure, press the shutter travel in November At that moment freeze fashion sense.

十一穿什么衣服好 国庆节去哪里玩适合穿什么衣服

A super with a gas field dress, mint green new small style suit to take a white lace dress, which can be suitable for occupation wear, but also can be out of the street dress, coupled with high heels, if it is climbing and the like activities, Can wear a pair of sneakers, stylish and sporty style is a mix of Oh.

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