After a 25-year-old woman, always afraid to get old, I hope to keep the young state, MAXTINA Maxian Na designers use all lovely elements in the design of network 2014 Hitz shirt spell, so that women become younger. Hazy nets and lotus leaf sleeves into the integration, a small detail changes make you End of the Moe, Love Sharu others.


网纱外套搭配 玛仙娜黑色外套搭配

Mesh jacket with Ma Sin Na black jacket with

网纱外套搭配 玛仙娜黑色外套搭配

Beautiful net yarn stitching & lovely lotus leaf sleeves & was thin drawstring lace breaking the static version, enveloped the outer net yarn so that the overall fashion sense. No button cardigan style, no body restrictions! How to wear are thin, fairy cents net splicing fabric, breathable comfortable and elegant so beautiful and romantic foulard jacket, people have to love, fast login MAXTINA Mar cerena Lynx flagship store selection now!

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