Autumn coat only need a thin one, then the fall of the most popular small jacket style is it? Knitted cardigan, windbreaker coat these two are absolutely indispensable, Xin Wei Er children's fall jacket with a fall coat to wear fashion, so autumn is not monotonous. Knit cardigan with sweaters do not need thick-line design, it will look very clumsy, to choose fine knit look better, this gray knit cardigan take a floral dress, this "mature" fashion dress, is a child The most attractive autumn and winter wear. Windbreaker style with two windbreaker jacket style, windbreaker in fact the child seems to be stylish dress, in fact, is also a simple match for the mother, windbreaker jacket can be free to mix long T-shirt or sweater, bright or shallow Colored coat can be used with jeans, casual pants with a different taste.

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