Shanghai Meilong Town Square is located at No. 1038 Nanjing West Road, located in the golden triangle area of ​​Shanghai shopping district. It is a large shopping mall with office buildings. The entire building incorporates modern technology and continental design style. Its appearance is mainly light apricot granite and brown aluminum frame. It is soft and elegant; the interior decoration is complemented by exquisite patterns, which makes the entire square full of fashionable atmosphere, yet elegant and steady. .

Shanghai Meilong Town Isetan SUNVIEW is still open for business

SUNVIEW has recently entered the 4th floor of Isetan, Meilong Town. The store adopts European design style, simple atmosphere, and perfectly integrates open space. The basic decoration of the store is mainly in beige tones, highlighting the variety of products. The entire facade is designed with a back-lighting design, so it creates a unique visual dynamics day and night.

Shanghai Meilong Town Isetan SUNVIEW is still open for business

Shangyue Women has added an eye-catching landscape to Isetan, which brings not only high-quality products to fashionable women, but also a high-quality and beautiful life experience to adapt to the different fashion lifestyles of modern women. Let women play the role of stage in their lives at all times, and use a silent way to express their inner desire for fashion.

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