What are the differences between jade and jade?

People have always confused jade and jade, do not understand the difference between jade and jade. When it comes to the jade in the jewelry brand, it is considered to be jade. Some people ask jade and jade which is good. There are many kinds of jade, and jade can be said to be jade. The most expensive one, the difference between jade and jade is: jade is indeed jade, but in turn jade is not necessarily jade. Because there are many kinds of jade, there are soft jade and jadeite, jade is a kind of jade.


What is "jade"?

What is "jade"? The Chinese jade culture, which has a long history of thousands of years, has a very broad definition of “jade”. Any beautiful stone that can be used for carving can be called “jade”. But what is jade? But what is jade? What is jade? Many people are confused, what is the difference between them? For a long time, people have confused the concept of jade and jade. It seems that jade is considered to be jade. In fact, jade is indeed jade, but on the other hand, jade is not necessarily jade.

Jade is a general term for natural jade of mineral aggregates. There are many types of natural jade, which differ in their chemical composition, density, hardness, and refractive index. Therefore, natural jade is divided into jade and nephrite. Jade is a general term for natural jade of mineral aggregates. There are many types of natural jade, which are different in shape from their respective chemical composition, density, hardness and refractive index. Therefore, natural jade is divided into jade and nephrite.


What is "Jade"?

Jade is the most precious and valuable product in jade. There is only one place in Myanmar in the world. The jade has a large specific gravity, high hardness and strong toughness. Although diamonds are harder than jade, their resistance is far less than that of jade. The color of the jade is colorful and the price is different. The most upscale should be emerald green. Second, there are red, violet, brown, yellow, cyan, white, and so on. The surface of the jadeite seems to have a layer of grease, which is the luster of the oil produced by the high-quality jadeite. The jadeite hardness is 7, and the specific gravity is 3.33. Mineral refractive index: Ng = 1.667, Np = 1.654; double folding rate of 0.012. Common emerald colors are white, gray, pink, light brown, green, emerald green, yellow green, purple red, etc. Most of them are opaque, individual translucent, and have a glass luster. According to color and texture, there are precious green, bright green, yellow green, yang green, glass green, parrot green, spinach green, shallow green, light green, frog green, melon green, plum green, blue green More than 20 varieties, such as gray-green, oil green, and violet and glutinous rice. Purchase

Emerald points:

Texture: It is necessary to purchase parts with better transparency and glass luster, but to prevent glass products (commonly known as material parts). The main point of identification is that the jade light is partially foggy or plaque-like, and the glass products are not foggy, plaque-like, and have bubbles. The green emerald has a rich color and a hint of green. The color of the glass is basically the same. Hardness: The hardness of jadeite is high. It is harder than the king, glass and other jade. It can be used to draw glass. If you buy it, you can use the face glass of the seller. If the seller does not agree, don't buy it easily.

掂 量 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡 翡The proportion of Henan jade in Chinese jade is also large, and it is easy to pretend to be jade. Its color is also close to jade, which needs comprehensive inspection. Color: Any item that is high green (especially gorgeous) or full of green must be especially cautious, because if it is genuine, its price is extremely high, and the general price is impossible to sell. If you have a small amount of green head and the color is brighter and brighter, the price is relatively moderate. Item size: Generally, the area of ​​the piece is about 3x3cm, and the area of ​​the pendant is about 2x2cm. The size of the piece can be arbitrary. But pay attention to the thickness, the thickness of the part directly affects the transparency (commonly known as the water head), the thin transparency is high, the thick transparency is low, generally 3-5mm can identify the transparency, commonly known as 1 point head, 1 point head is good .

Workmanship: Pay attention to the craftsmanship of the pieces (preferably with a magnifying glass of 4 times or more). The figure of the character mainly depends on whether the face is correct and whether the facial features are reasonable. The animal statue looks at whether the proportion of the trunk and the limbs is appropriate, whether the shape is natural or not; whether the flowers are carved to see if the lines are smooth and the layout is reasonable. Pay special attention to whether the carved face and the shade and bottom are smooth and smooth. Also look at the line thickness is consistent, there is no broken knife or overlap. Bracelets should pay attention to whether there are cracks.

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