Sometimes from a person's dress can be seen in her social status, professionalism and social circles, but also can see the character of this person. In modern metropolitan society, the importance of clothing to work has been reflected in more and more, for professional women, the clothing with makeup and makeup is even more indiscriminate. Nowadays, most women have their own jobs and will run around in busy workplaces. The requirements for different jobs may be different for different jobs. If you work day and night in the office, you may not be too concerned about the formal and no. However, for some important positions of women, may attend some different occasions, the requirements of the garment will be more stringent, to find suitable for different occasions clothing, you need a certain economic base and with skills. Let's take a look at how mature mature women are dressed.

Xiao Bian recommended for you in the workplace with the most common way, with a suit and dress with such a dress you control it?

Suit with


Suit is one of the common necessities of professional women, maybe you will yearn for a small fresh style, solid color and light sweet match, and this is not a strong career aura, very classical oriental beauty of blue and white porcelain Printing, in the entire suite has a strong backing effect, the quality of the oriental temperament and professional women, matching with lace backing, really a lot of soft.


Black solemn solemn suit color is the most primitive, the beginning of the business wear is starting from a simple black, highlighting a formal attitude. This black suit to take the black leather jacket, black leather stitching trousers, collar turned out of the white inside, at this time is extremely apparent, anything in contrast to show the advantage is not always the same.


Black as the main color series of suits, in different occasions or a little bit to make a little change, this mixed with white color printing mixed colors in black solemn white mixed with pure, neutral and overwhelming atmosphere, ease Depressed atmosphere.


Women's color is always inseparable from the flower foil, this print white suit with dark green lace bag hip dress, like a blooming peony, the aroma spread throughout the body, the more the fragrance.

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