The color of the jade jade is rich, what are the colors of the jade bracelet?

The color of the jade bracelet is dark green, green, light green, yellow green, gray green, yellow brown, brown, dark red, sallow yellow, white, yellow white, green white, gray white, black and other colors.

The existence of such rich colors often makes the jade jade extremely beautiful. The depth of the color is related to the amount of iron. When the iron is contained, the color is generally dark, and vice versa. Jade also has a strong waxy luster, glass luster, and some oily luster; micro-transparent to translucent, a few transparent. Its transparency is related to mineral composition and chemical composition. When the jade jade is composed entirely of serpentine, its transparency is high. If the content of impurities is 5% to 10%, the transparency is poor. When the content of iron and magnesium in the jade jade is high, its transparency tends to be poor; otherwise, the transparency will increase. The refractive index is 1.49~1.57. The hardness is 4.8-5.5 and the density is 2.45~2.48 g/cm3.

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