Time is fast, it is already December, and quickly reached the Christmas once a year, presumably a lot of girls have already begun to plan where to go on Christmas day, where to spend! But how did you wear it when you thought about Christmas? Xiao Bian today recommended for you Fuka brand women's winter 2014 new woolen jacket with, let you wear romantic Christmas Day to the United States and America!


This light blue woolen jacket is a popular casual cocoon Korea casual relaxed version of the large lapel super fashion sense, with the long section of the big and practical, and this version is particularly thin , But also looks very petite human size. Simple with a white primer shirt or turtleneck, wearing a black short paragraph + stockings + black high heels, so that you are on Christmas day, beautiful and warm and moving!


Bright red, so that woolen coat dazzling, with the design of the lotus leaf lapel personality, very elegant, smooth lines cut, highlighting the overall sense of sophistication. With a white shirt, watermelon red woolen shorts and black boots, is a special reduction of a paragraph with Oh!

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