What style is good for woolen jackets? Suitable is the best. Elegant Time Coat Under the unique oriental women's body structure, creating a number of exclusive oriental women's single product. Both blend the elegant oriental flavor, but also joined the international trendy elements. Described below are two of this year's explosion models, together look.


This blue woolen jacket is suitable for twenty or thirty-year-old working women. Have a good effect of reducing the age of the skin. High-quality woolen fabric, slightly loose version, gives the oriental women aura. Simple collar, with a gray woolen skirt, attractive version, graceful and stylish, the overall filling of the unique oriental female Ya Yun.


Big red, but also the auspicious color of the East. In all major holidays are very popular. This red woolen jacket wool fabric, high-quality version, first-class upper body effect, very lovable. Retro buttons a little more light familiar atmosphere. With a plaid dress, elegant fashion.

Pictures from: elegant time women

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