“I have heard that cashmere sweaters are light and comfortable, warm and good, and their clothes can be customized, and they have custom-made one. However, this cashmere sweater does not look like 'real product' at all, and its quality is very poor. “Ms. Li, a citizen of my county, encountered such a frustration when customizing cashmere sweaters.

According to reports, some time ago, Ms. Li ordered a cashmere sweater for children at a cashmere sweater shop on Mingshan Road. The cashmere sweater that was eventually knitted was a real one, but the quality was not satisfactory. Ms. Lee said that the store cashmere is priced at 300 yuan a pound, they spent a total of 500 yuan to weave this cashmere sweater, but after weaving to get it, the cashmere sweater is very wet, like it has not dried after cleaning The same way, the owner said that it would be good if you let the sun dry. Ms. Li returned to her home with a skepticism and put her clothes in the sun.

After drying, Ms. Li found that not only was the cashmere sweater still wet, but also the cashmere sweater was not so structured, unlike new cashmere, but rather like old cashmere. She said to her friends that it is unreasonable to weave a child’s cashmere sweater up to a pound, because the weight of an adult cashmere sweater is about 1 pound. For the cashmere sweater in front of him, Ms. Li was not sure whether it was true or not. She decided to return the product.

When Ms. Li took the cashmere sweater to the store and asked for a return, the owner said that this was due to the influence of the weaving process. First, the wax was wound on the wire, and then weaving, stitching, washing, ironing, and finally the finished product. According to the garment procedure, there is no post-sale responsibility. In the end, under the repeated communication between Ms. Li and the owner, both parties reached a consensus on the return agreement.

In this regard, the County Consumer Protection Committee staff reminded consumers that cashmere is a down comb from the goat's body, the yield is scarce, the price is very expensive, has always been called "soft gold", so do not blindly buy cashmere sweater. Attention should be paid to the purchase, one must check the product's trademark, tag, size standard, certificate, spare line, packing box (bag), etc. are complete; second, to feel the comfort of clothing by hand, the material of the clothing; Go to formal, high-reputation businesses to choose to buy, and ask for a clear price, to keep the invoice after purchase. If you encounter quality problems, you can call 12315 consumer complaints phone calls for rights protection.

In response to this phenomenon, the County Bureau of Quality Supervision reminds consumers that the county is currently mainly responsible for the quality inspection of leather footwear. If there is any doubt about the quality of cashmere sweaters, it needs to be tested at the municipal testing center.

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