There are many types of jade jade ornaments and they are very delicate. Through the understanding of the jadeite jade knowledge, we can know the cultural connotation, craftsmanship and social and economic environment of the jade jade. The jade jade ornamentation covers a wide range of subjects, and the patterns are varied. The more common patterns are dragon and phoenix, Guanyin and Buddha pattern, figure pattern, flower and bird fish insect pattern and zodiac pattern. Among them, the most respected is the dragon and the phoenix.

In ancient China, dragon ornaments were in a variety of poses. For example, Xiaolong, Xiaolong, Guilong, Xiaolong, Mosquito and so on. In the era before the Qing Dynasty, the dragon and phoenix patterns were often the image of the grass dragon and the earth dragon. In the Qing Dynasty, the image of Canglong replaced the grass dragon and the earth dragon. What is popular with people is that the pattern is the dragon and the phoenix and the two dragon play beads. Longfeng Chengxiang is often used to describe the joy of new marriage; and Erlongzhuzhu is a symbol of evading evil.

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