It is understood that: FRL.WOLF - Wolves wealthy men will be involved in July 2015 9-11 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center opened in 2015 the 15th China (Shenzhen) International Branded Fashion Fair. By then, FRL.WOLF - Rich Wolves wealth men's clothing is very welcome for everyone to visit the exhibition hall and guidance. FRL.WOLF - Rich Wolf Wolverine Men's Hall: Hall 1; Booth No .: 1G19. FRL.WOLF rich wolf men under the Shenzhen rich wolf Clothing Co., Ltd, the enterprise was established in August 2013. The company's FRL.WOLF rich wolf men's clothing is China's first positioning in a "new concept of wealth Men" brand. The inspirational brand for China to create wealth groups to create: the soul of the totem, the benchmark for action. Enterprises in the brand advocacy on the use of "products are not moving, concept first" approach to promotion. Through 2014 Fourteenth and 2015 fifteenth session of Shenzhen clothing booth platform for self-promotion and display as a self-promotion, and strongly create the international wealth and the essence of Chinese wolf culture, the first combination of the wealth-creating men - a new concept. With the brand's top design concept to carry out the promotion of the rich wolf men's brand, integrate the rich city of Shenzhen rich cultural heritage and the people of Shenzhen never go out passion, through the creation of differentiated brand personality, will be rich Men wolf men's brand to the country. Fighting in the trend of creating a wealth of inspirational brand in mind, to create a world-popular spirit of wealth and caring for the universal values ​​of the natural ecology of the rich wolf spirit prevailed in the world! Brand Mission: Create wealth with heart! Living hard! Caring! Brand goal: to become an internationally influential man in China to create wealth! Brand Vision: To create wealthy ethnic groups: the soul of the totem! The benchmark of action! Brand positioning: the preparation of those who are interested, the equipment of the struggles, the creation of the rich! Intellectual essential, prepared for the heroic, wealthy heart preparation! In 2015 the company implemented a dual-brand strategy: the main push FRL.WOLF rich wolf - a wealthy men's clothing, there are three major product lines: a wealth of business series, a wealth of leisure series, a wealthy life series; Create the original ecological spirit! Products are male and female cowboy create wealth equipment series and a wealth of life series! Dual-brand main ad: confidence to lead the fashion, creating wealth dominate the trend! In July 2015 July 9 - 11, RL.WOLF - rich wolf men look forward to meeting you on schedule ...

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