The high and low temperature test chamber is a professional environmental test instrument that simulates the law of temperature change, and is widely used for professional testing of electronic products and other materials. And it is also a very sophisticated instrument, so in the course of use, the maintenance of the equipment is indispensable. Here are four ways to help you:

1) Regular dust removal: High and low temperature test chambers will accumulate dust inside and outside the instrument after use. These dusts will affect the accuracy of the test, so regular dust removal work is required. Moreover, dust removal should be carried out under the guidance of professional engineers to avoid damage to the equipment during dust removal.

2) Replacement of corroded parts: Corrosive gases in the high and low temperature test box will cause some parts to be rusted, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment and reduce its flexibility and reliability. Therefore, the parts to be corroded should be timely replace.

3) Parts that correct the error: The high and low temperature of the equipment will affect the part of the equipment, which will cause errors in these parts, such as the generation of mirror stray light and other errors, which will affect the accuracy of the test, so it is necessary to check the parts in time. Accuracy.

4) Maintenance of the compressor: The compressor is an important part of the equipment, and its maintenance is crucial. The voltage in the workplace must be stable, and unstable voltages can damage the compressor playground. The device should be used at intervals of 20 minutes. Do not turn the device back on immediately after turning off the device.

The price of the high and low temperature test chamber is also not cheap, and it is not carefully maintained, which will reduce its service life and cause losses to the user. However, as long as the usual maintenance is in place, it can extend its use time and bring benefits to users.

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