With the mid-November of this year, this winter will officially usher in the first compliment of the winter, establishing winter, which also means the formal arrival of the cold weather day. Shining bright bones fine how to dress in this winter? To Tai Wo women to tell you!

太和 - TAHAN

Warm and atmospheric style of dressing will make you get a lot of goodwill in front of subordinates and superiors, warm colors, beige, khaki, brown, etc. are the best single product to show a woman's soft temperament. Beige wool coat take a camel knit + OL half skirts, coat design is very simple and elegant, highlighting your soft temperament and hard gas field.

十一月职场女人如何穿衣  太和女装搭配

Winter wearing a romantic and elegant black skirt, will make you as noble and pure like the goddess of Hepburn. This black woolen coat, version of the design is very good, fully assembled female body golden ratio design, the use of three-dimensional fabric jacket and belt to join, not only embellished female figure, but also to bring it to bring people A lot of elegant taste.

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