Whether you are often tired of meeting, even if it is to meet every day, but as long as dating is like a date, men should take it seriously. So, how to wear a man should be easy to please girlfriend it, Kaduni to help you understand the depth of dating mens wear, take a look at it. Shirt + knit sweater will never go wrong, but there will be the feeling of school age. Shirts try to choose more design sense, like the wave-shaped shirt is very good sense of the shirt, but also more special. Pull the V-neck collar can be selected, are enough to take a little more to take the opportunity to display, you can try the color of the navy blue, neither will feel very gorgeous, compared to black and more color, yellow-brown like ECG-like patterns Add to the clothes to add vitality, compared to the suit pants, corduroy texture is more suitable as a set of under wear under, as a whole will increase the warmth coefficient oh. As a man, there is no tough guy how to do! Then let a leather coat to increase your masculinity with you. Dark red kind of charming taste that is not clear, looks very good. Three-dimensional cut off the male body set off more even profile. Lapel design, pocket handling, including the cuffs of the small button handling, can reflect the details of the production process of fine. To do type male, leather rarely, quickly set up a dating it!

High Elastic Temperature-resistant Spandex

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