[China Glass Network] depends on the development of the Internet. In today's business world, small businesses can compete with big companies on the same stage. This is especially true in the field of e-commerce. In many cases, small businesses will take a big advantage. A clear trend is that the number of small and medium-sized online retailers has been rising significantly in recent years. Between 2005 and 2007, the number of small and medium online retailers in the North American market increased from 21% to 32%. Therefore, when Chinese export enterprises develop foreign trade e-commerce, they can fully be confident. We must believe that there are many spaces to be developed in overseas markets.

So, what are the advantages of small businesses? Let's take a look at five:

You can do at least as much as a big company in terms of website appearance, technology and service processes.

Nowadays, with the popularization and progress of e-commerce website construction technology, building an English version of e-commerce website is not only low cost, but also advanced in technology. Many small-scale e-commerce websites are no less than large websites like Amazon in terms of interface, technical expertise and user experience. With the rapid development of e-commerce business, many website-building service companies have emerged to create e-commerce websites for customers, some of which cost as little as less than $100.

The result is that when a netizen enters an e-commerce website, it is difficult for him to intuitively judge from the professional level of the interface. The company is behind a team of one or two people, a team of ten people, or one on the other. A large company of thousands of people. Therefore, for companies interested in engaging in foreign trade e-commerce, building a station is not a problem. First, it must meet international standards in interface design and supporting technology.

You can do more precision than your big business for your target customer base.

In order to achieve sales targets as quickly and excessively as possible, large online retailers need to first consider large-scale markets. In many cases, they don’t even care about certain niche markets because they think that this particular market is too small. Not worthy of attention. So when they put in advertising and select keywords in search engines, they first consider whether they can attract the largest possible pool of users. For them, the net is getting better and better. As a small business, you don't have to do this at all. You can narrow the scope, select your customer base according to your product characteristics, and then consider the keywords and the platform of public relations or advertising. The more accurate result of the customer base is that they will buy less, but they are more willing to buy more expensive products, they will be more loyal and more likely to repeat purchases.

In terms of personalized services, you can do more flexible than big companies.

The following assertions can almost become the truth: the larger the company, the more difficult it is to provide personalized and one-on-one services. Small businesses are different, and they are fully qualified to provide personal services to customers and become friends. If you are pricing higher than large companies due to the scale effect, then personalized services can become a must-have for retaining customers. And if you have a price advantage because you are closer to the source of supply, then it is easier to be invincible. There are a lot of small but practical tips on personalized services:

- Each time the customer has a small gift with special commemorative meaning after shopping;

- Collect customers' birthdays and send them an e-card on that special day;

- The customer service department effectively grasps the various information left during the customer registration so that a very targeted response can be sent within a short period of time when the call comes in;

- Collect customer's personal preferences and send targeted promotional emails to new products as they are launched.

Personalized service is not difficult, and there are enough tricks. It is difficult to be careful and persistent.

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