"ASANFEGE" ( TZ Hilfiger ) will be keen eye focused on urban women's lifestyle and aesthetic experience, the creation of break time and field commuter equipment styles to suit the needs of modern women dress fast-paced life, and develop into a unique The "fashion point of no fashion," the aesthetic philosophy. It is located in a highly harmonious business and leisure, rich European fashion, but also very fit the aesthetic needs of Chinese urban women, stylish and restrained, simple and capable, to meet the contemporary white-collar pursuit of beauty and fashion.


Yaxuanfeige 2011 summer new women

雅轩菲格 聚焦都市女性时尚生活与美学体验

Yaxuanfeige 2011 summer new women

The biosil processing is an anti-bacterial deodorant finishing using Dow-Jones Corning 5700 anti-microorganism treatment medicine (DC5700) that the Dow-Jones Corning company in the United States developed. It is this anti-bacterium processing medicine of the exclusively-defensive defense type that attacks only the cell membrane of the microorganism that touches DC5700 to the last though DC5700 demonstrates an excellent antimicrobial effect in a wide-ranging microorganism (bacillus and mold, etc.). Moreover, it is not likely to go into in the human body because DC5700 unites with the processing base material of the fiber etc. in a scientific manner and the antimicrobial effect continues safely for a long term. The monopoly use ..pansy Ltd... is admitted in domestic shoes and the footwear field DC5700 by an excellent anti-bacterium processing technology that has obtained the authorization of known EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) severely to safety

Surprising lightness is a feature. It is suitable Saul for the use of the room such as offices.

Light foam bottom where rubber was mixed with EVA. It excels in abrasion resistance, and cushioning properties are also preeminent.

We used Soft and Stretch Artificial Leather for instep of the shoes.

Office Lady Shoes

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