Xiamen Yuan Beiqi Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a collection design, production and sales as one boutique women's apparel company. Since the establishment of the company in line with the sustainable development of the market guidelines, in pursuit of excellent quality, customer service for the purpose of continuing, with sensitive and mature team of designers, professional and dedicated management team, advanced operating mechanism, is now in the country Large shopping malls with multiple sales outlets, more than 100 franchise stores throughout the province and some large and medium-sized cities, and gradually establish a complete sales network.


Boutique women's brand "Becky" with its unique innovative, stylish design concept of the atmosphere, elegant simplicity, natural and confident style of performance, interpretation and enrich the connotation of clothing culture. Product models are divided into shirts, suits, skirts, skirts / trousers, sweaters, knitwear, cotton suits, down jackets and so on. Fabrics involving cotton, wool, chemical fiber, Mao Di, velvet, denim and other types.

贝琪女装 让职场女性于干练利索中透出优雅气质

Elegant simple, confident nature is Betie has always insisted on the concept of clothing lining, rigid and soft. Clear and bright design, highlight the curve, personal tailoring, combined with very affinity fabrics, supplemented by delicate subtle decoration, so that the workplace women revealed in the mild and moderate ease, in an independent confidence revealed a friendly. Wise and elegant, such as the shopping malls, when the opponent can be calm, there is a unique, from the inside out of the United States, the extraordinary temperament shine as a business star glittering like pressing.

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