Recently, in Shengze, Jiaxing, a group of printed silk fabrics on the market, with its flower case vivid, eye-catching appearance of the effect of the city has attracted close attention to the purchase of merchants, to the growing stock, therefore, this fabric into The river, Zhejiang provinces fabric market, "a hot family." It is understood that there are three printing silk fabric sales rising steadily. According to industry estimates, the sales prospects of the cloth are good, now the fabric features are as follows: Printed chiffon fabric: It is understood that the product uses polyester FDY100D / 72F as raw material, by about twisting processing, the selection of plain weave in water jet weaving Machine weaving, has been stereotypes, printing and other major processes from deep processing. Fabric texture thin, soft and soft feel, elegant appearance, with good permeability and drape, bronzing into the composition, even more beautiful. This cloth width of 150cm, about 150 grams per meter cloth, the current wholesale price of 7.80 yuan per meter cloth, many patterns, and so forth. The main purpose of fabric High-class evening dress, skirt, shirt, pajamas and other women's clothing. Into the upper body, not only intoxicating, but also add attractive seductive women. Shortly after the debut, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changshu, Fujian, Hangzhou, Jinan, Dalian, Qingdao and other places by merchants, have orders to the goods, the market outlook optimistic. Printed Shun crepe: The fabric Jingwei raw materials are also used 75DFDY silk as raw material, the selection of plain weaved organizational structure, after a different twisting, alkali, pre-shrink, stereotypes, printing and other superb technology from processing. It has a delicate touch, unique texture, soft, flexible, soft luster, bright color and so on. Used to make clothes. At present, the printed products on the market have a set of 5-7 sets of colors, especially the light colors lead to bright color, smooth feel and good quality. The fabric is generally finished width of 150cm, the price is 6.80-7.20 yuan / m. The fabric uses a very broad, in addition to printing, but also for rolling (pressure) flowers, embroidery and other processing technology, not only the production of women's casual dresses, shirts, etc., but also home textiles materials. Fabric clothing comfortable, but popular prospects. Gaussian Po printing: It is understood that the use of polyester and polyester composite yarn (50 +50) * polyester DTY150D as raw material, specifications for the 18 * 3 string * 28 shuttle, 22 twist, use fine plain weave in the Water Jet Loom , Has also been stereotypes, printing and other sophisticated technology from deep processing. With its comfortable breathable, elegant patterns, taking advantage of such unique advantages by the love of urban and rural consumers. This product cloth width 150cm, weight 160g (g / m2), the current market price of 8.80 yuan per meter of cloth up and down, rich in color patterns and more to meet the different needs of the vast number of female consumers. Suitable for the production of casual ladies suits, etc., into the upper body, both beautiful and charming, but also to meet the ladies unconventional dress civilian psychology. Nowadays, the sales area of ​​this fabric is constantly expanding, and the sales volume has risen in a straight line.

Towel Rapier Loom, that is based on the advantages of the home and overseas markets, the first-hand in formation form many towel factories and the Chinese situation,has good quality, wide suitability, reasonable price. All these cater to the need of great number of tower factories quickly.

The floor space occupied by GA747 type can be compare to a old shuttle weaving machine with the same sley width, its speed has increased by 30 to 40% over the Shuttle Loom, noise decreased by 10-15dB(A), under the same kind of shuttle loom. According to the demands of market improving the weaving ability to heavy fabric and suiting for all kinds of light medium weight fabric were emphasized. Advanced computer-aided design(CAD) was adopted, many elements were made from light and sturdy/carbon fiber reinforced, composite and aluminum alloy, the structure is simple and reliable equipped with Jacquard Machine, high grade jacquard satin can be weaved by the machine. In addition, the warping machine can be interchanged well with those of old shuttle loom.

Towel Rapier Loom

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