Khaki love children's clothing early (2001), by Quanzhou, Fujian, a family-style workshop, mainly in the processing of foreign trade clothing. After several years of development, has now become an ISO9001-certified strength of the company. Now has 300 employees, is a design, production, sales and service as one of the professional children's clothing company. Since 2005, we have been exploring direct sales outlets in the Guangzhou Wholesale Market. Unique products have become popular in the major wholesale markets across the country. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc. by wholesale means Ground By the end of 2006, khaki love children's clothing formally applied to establish their own brand, founded in 2008 in Guangzhou Baifeng Clothing Co., Ltd., to facilitate the operation of the brand and join. In the credibility of the first, quality first, adhere to the pioneering and practical new principles, and we work together to create a better future, more children's clothing boutique to each child's hands. Products mainly to the direction of children's wear, European and American children's style: fresh, fresh, casual! All our products are designed by professional designers, combined with embroidery, printing and pink fabrics, to express the fresh, fresh and comfortable taste of the natural flowers in our products come out. It not only integrates the sweet and tender oriental charm, but also creates the effect as a fantasy world to cater to the innocence of children.

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