The “Qinzhou Guangxi Xingxing Tao Art Masters Fine Art Exhibition” was recently held in Guangzhou. According to the reporter's understanding, Puxing Pottery is one of China's four famous pottery, and it has a unique kiln color and local characteristics. As the popularity continues to rise, the price of Qinzhou Xinxing pottery crafts is currently rising by 30% year-on-year. Experts said that compared with the purple sand, Yongxing Tao is at a price drop, and there is a bright future for investment appreciation.

Market Status Quotation of Master Pottery Master Works Price The “Qinzhou Yongxing Pottery Art Masterpiece Art Exhibition” sponsored by the Yongxing Tao Industry Association of Qinzhou, Guangxi Province was held at the Guangdong Arts and Crafts Museum from July 23 to August 7. . The exhibition featured a total of 130 art masterpieces from the national arts and crafts masters, 9 provincial arts and crafts masters, and 18 city-level Yixing pottery art masters from the Yixing Tao arts and crafts industry in Qinzhou, Guangxi. This is the first professional exhibition of the most extensive variety of works, masterpieces, creations, and selections of the most widely-held products in the Guangdong province of Qinxing, Guangxi. According to Li Renyu, vice president of the Guangxi Xingzhou Pottery Industry Association and the master of arts and crafts in China, “As the government’s support and attention, and the increasing popularity of Xinxing Pottery in recent years, the price of Qixing pottery crafts in Qinzhou has generally risen by 30. %. The masterpieces of arts and crafts at all levels are doubled or even doubled in price.

“The current price of Yongxingtao is still relatively low, and it is generally only two-thirds of Yixing’s purple sand. In the Qinzhou region, Yongxing Tao is still used as a daily necessities, and even the masters working in this industry have not recognized themselves. The value of the work is that a teapot only sells for two or three hundred yuan, and the price of the pot made by the master is only about 800 to 1,500 yuan, which is only for the price of an ordinary craftsman. Thousands of thousands of dollars.” Tan Weibin, curator of the Museum of Crafts and Fine Arts in Guangdong Province, said with a smile, it is now time for Yixing Tao to be the most suitable to buy.

Collectible value national characteristics to highlight competitiveness It is known that Yan Xingtao, one of the “four famous pottery in China”, is not only rich in iron, zinc, calcium, barium and other natural minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Environmental protection products also have unique artistic features. “Yanxing Tao has a unique kiln color, and the pieces are not the same. This purple sand can't do it.” Lu Jingping, a master of arts and crafts in Guangxi Province, introduced that the magical kiln color of Yan Xingtao is the redox of the green body under specific conditions in the high-temperature kiln. Produced: "The kiln changes the color of the ancient bronze, purple, iron blue, golden, dark green, sky spot, tiger, etc. The kiln change effect is rare in other pottery, so it has the name of "China is a must"."

“The 'kiln change' has made YX pottery worthy of collection, but to be truly among the ranks of art collections, it is necessary to strengthen the national characteristics!” Li Renxin believes that to become an art collection, the cultural connotation is very important: “Qinzhou Di The Zhuang Autonomous Region in Guangxi Province is highly influenced by the Zhuang culture and has strong ethnic characteristics. This is not what the other three famous potters have, and its competitiveness is very prominent. In addition, the special color of the Shaoxing pottery has a bronze texture, which can be regarded as a Han culture. The art carrier. How to organically integrate five-thousand-year-old traditional culture with local culture and become the main direction for the development of the Yongxing Tao industry."

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