[China Glass Network] The traditional ceramic product sales channel is that the manufacturers through the dealers in the country's large and small building materials market to build a dense sales channel, which is how much channel and good and bad become a measure of a brand's growth rate and sales performance indicators The key factor. However, the arrival of e-commerce will likely change this sales model, at least, to a certain extent, affect the existing sales model.
Xiao Chen, an engineer who has been serving e-commerce for many years, has come up with the construction and operation of online stores. He believes that in the first 20 years, Chinese residents began to own personal computers. In the past 10 years, the Internet has brought everyone together. In the next 10 years, with the maturity of the Internet of Things, e-commerce will usher in a stage of rapid development.
In fact, as early as 2010, Mimar Ceramics shifted its focus on sales channels to e-commerce. Although the previous performance was not satisfactory, the growth of network marketing was very fast, and more and more consumers began to purchase through the network. To reduce costs. The guppies mosaic is a model of rapid growth for the industry at an alarming rate of growth. Wu Jinbiao told reporters that in March 2009, he co-founded a company with a friend and began to sell online. At the beginning, there were only three people, but he realized the capital preservation operation in the previous month and earned nearly 3,000 yuan in profits. In the past two years, the sales of guppies have been increasing at a rate of several times or even tens of times every year. Although the sales performance is not comparable to the brand-based brands, its growth rate is far ahead.
"The big advantage of e-commerce is that it directly connects the bridge between manufacturers and consumers. Enterprises no longer have to work hard to open so many specialty stores, and work for so many salesmen. Even the albums are not used. Printed, the advantages are self-evident." Mr. Zhang from the Naja Ceramics Network Department told the reporter. However, he also admitted that the current e-commerce in the ceramic industry is still in the water test stage. Although several stores sell well, most companies, including Dongpeng, Marco Polo, Ou Shennuo, etc., which have opened flagship stores in Taobao. Brands have not really started online marketing. Among them, the more critical issue may not find a feasible solution to solve the coexistence of online store sales and physical store sales. "The price of online stores is definitely lower than that of physical stores, and it is transparent, which will inevitably impact the sales of physical stores." Mr. Zhang believes that this is a big bottleneck that is currently plaguing the development of e-commerce.
Although the share is still small, more and more manufacturers are beginning to turn their attention to the new field of e-commerce. The new branch of this ceramic sales channel, in this spring, is in its low-key and fragrant attitude. Quietly bloomed.

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